The Rugby Spirit

My personal story is comparable to that movie: “Le fils à Jo” of my film-maker friend Philippe Guillard.
In the Bourgoin rugbyclub, I grew up with “le père Pommier” and passionately loved that game. When I reached 17, I followed the advice of an ex-rugby player, Lucien Rogé, and left the Dauphiné for Béziers.

Three years later, I started playing with the “big names” and we won the plank known as the Brennus shield in 1981, 83 and 84. We finally won the French Cup in 1986.

A.S Béziers rugby club helped me find my way among the “big shots” such as Palmié, Esteves, Vaquerin or Cantoni. I am also proud to have met rugby lords as Rives, Blanco and Sella.

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